Eva Mays

Eva Mays was born and raised in the Bay Area in Northern California and has been an artist since a very young age.  Eva’s art serves as a creative outlet, and as a meditative practice. Gaining inspiration from an image, color pallet, found objects, and the modern interpretation of diverse art forms, she creates bold pieces. As an artist with clinical training as a psychotherapist, she emphasizes the process through which her works are created, as much as the content and energy that is also created.  Though artistic and meditative play, Eva has developed a technique to create multimedia paintings with deep texture, rich color, and brilliant shine.  Eva’s personal artistic philosophy is that abstract art making comes from a place of inner passion, sensation, or emotion, that then manifests itself in a physical form.  Eva’s creative inspiration comes from a feeling which allows her to visualize an image, and then lets the creative process take over until she has come to a place where the piece feels finished.  Using multiple creative materials, Eva makes pieces with texture and dimension, that reflect light and draw in the viewer with beauty and unique color combinations.